Support When and Where You Need It Most... 

Always have your baby with you for a scheduled home visit, partners and other support people are welcome!

  • Home visits may be a good option for mothers who prefer a more private setting or who find it challenging to make it to an office or group.
  • Lactation consultants can often spend more time exploring problems and individually tailoring recommendations in a private setting than in a group setting. 

During Your Visit

In a home visit I provide support and guidance to help you breastfeed more comfortably and to help your baby feed more effectively. During a home visit I may :

  1. Review positioning, latch and normal breastfeeding patterns.
  2. Help you to refine your technique, read your baby's cues, and recognize when your baby is feeding effectively.
  3. Weigh your baby on a Medela BabyWeigh II Scale, before and after the feeding, so that we know your baby is getting an adequate amount of milk at the breast. If milk supply is a concern, we will also discuss ways to increase milk production.

After your home visit, I may :

  • Provide a summary of discussions/recommendations from the consultation.
  • Create a written plan to help you meet your goals.
  • Follow-up by telephone.
  • Fax any necessary information to you or your baby's MD, Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, or other allied healthcare professional. 
  • Submit an invoice to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

An initial home visit typically lasts approximately 1½ hours. Some mothers schedule a follow-up visit. I am supportive of your goal for our visit and hope to help you achieve independence and comfort when feeding your baby.

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