Devorah Bianchi, RN, IBCLC, requires a fee for service   prior to or at the start of each home visit.

  • Cash or check accepted during the visit.

  • The services I provide as a home visiting Lactation Consultant are frequently not covered under your insurance plan.

Fee Schedule for all Lactation Appointments:

Breastfeeding Class - (see CLASSES tab for detailed descriptions)

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 Lactation Consultations - AT YOUR HOME:

1. Initial Consultation: 1.5 - 2hrs= $175.00   (multiples fee: $20 each addition baby) 
2. Follow-up Consultation= $85 per hr                                                        

Telephone calls - Under 15min= Free

  • $50 minimum for Telephone consult or Virtual visit ( Face time only)

  • For payment by credit card, click HERE.

Travel Fee - An additional fee for travel time exceeding 30 minutes from South Eugene.
• 45-60 min round trip= $20
• >60 min round trip= $40                                                                             


HealthNet & Aetna

For offering consistent Home Visit - Lactation reimbursement to their participants!

Your insurance company may reimburse you if your plan covers lactation services or if you appeal a denial and win. Appeal your claim if it is denied and promptly write a letter to your State's Insurance Commissioner.

Third Party Reimbursement

Does my insurance cover visits with a home visiting lactation consultant?

How to find out if your insurance company requires prior authorization:

  1. Call the Member Services Department for your insurance.

  2. The customer service representative will be able to give you the necessary information and tell you whether they require a referral from one of yours or your baby's physicians.

  3. Ask do you cover home visits from a Lactation Consultant, who is an RN only. Or do you only cover it if there is an MD, Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Midwife.

  4. If you talk with a customer service representative who seems unsure, ask to speak to a supervisor.

  5. If your insurance plan requires your doctor or lactation consultant to call or send a letter called a "Statement of Medical Necessity" or "Letter of Medical Necessity," you can call your doctor and/or our office to request a call or letter.

  6. This call or letter may also be needed in addition to a written prescription for a breast pump.

  7. Even if your insurance company does not require this, it often helps to include a Letter of Medical Necessity from your baby's physician, your physician or our lactation consultant indicating why he/she has prescribed the equipment and services for you or your baby.


What to ask your insurance company about prior authorization:

  1. Does my plan require prior authorization for coverage of RNs* or Lactation Consultants or breast pumps? (*Many insurance companies will not cover services with an RN, IBCLC for home visits.)

  2. How do I get prior authorization for something? What is the process?

  3. What is the fax number or address to which I will send the request (or phone number to call)?

  4. What information do I need to send? (What paperwork or proof do they need?)

  5. How long will it take to hear if it is approved? (If they say they are “not sure,” ask “How long does it usually take?”)

  6. If prior authorization is approved, how long is it good for or when will the approval time “expire?” (e.g., How many lactation consultant visits can be approved? Is the approval for any breast pump or is there a specific type of breast pump I must get—manual/electric?)

  7. How will I find out whether or not it has been approved?