Wonderful Pregnancy & Postpartum Resources

Boosting Milk Production

  • Hand Expression information & Hands on Pumping, click Breastfeeding, then Maximizing Milk Production!

  • Go-Lacta - A super food supplement with the side effect of boosting breast milk production!

Baby feeding, Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Working and Infant feeding

  • Work and Pump - Information for mothers combining working outside the home and breastfeeding.

  • Oregon WIC Website - Workplace Support

  • Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon - Support one mother to another. Reduced cost breast pumps come with education and support. Help to communicate and advocate for yourself in the workplace as a breastfeeding employee.

  • Every Mother - OWH is building an online searchable database to promote creative solutions to workplace constraints. Share the story of great companies on this website.

Breastfeeding-Related Topics

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